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Dance India Dance Winners list of All Seasons

Dance India Dance , is the most popular and famous, indian reality dancing competition show of india, which is also known as DID. in this show the participant or contestants can perform in  various types of dancing forms such as , Hip-Hop, Salsa,Classical,Kalaripayattu, Kathhak, shadow  dancing and the other dancing types also. DID has successfully completed its all seasons, that is 5. it completed its 5 successful seasons. 

Below we have mention the list of all winners of all seasons of Dance India Dance (DID) with Name,image and details and also we have listed the runner ups of all the Seasons of DID.

About The Show

The show is airs on ZeeTv Channel,  and is produced by UTV software communication. The show was started in 2009 and the first season's of first show was premiered on ZeeTv and first season was hosted by Tarana Raja. and after the first season, all the seasons of DID , are hosted by Famous Indian anchor cum actor Jay Bhanushali and Saumya tandon. one of the best thing of this show, is that, here any person of age group between 15 to 25 years can participate in the show. Format of the show is on the base, in which all  the participants from all kinds of dance style can enters into the auditions. The Procedure of DID, is very simple , to the selection of the dancers (Participants) , DID takes auditions in the major metropolitan cities of India. Where the participants shows their dancing talent. After the auditions, out of the thousands of peoples DID Selects only 18 contestants from all over the cities of India. and they keep all competing, every week, by performing Duet,Solo and group dancing in various styles.  these performances are voted by the public and dancers ,then after collecting whole voting data , it analysis who get the lowest votes and that will eliminated from the show.

Dance India Dance Winners List Of All Seasons 

Dance India Dance Season 1 Winner - Salman Yusuf Khan

First winner of DID was, Salman yusuf khan, in 2009 and he was from the team of Remo Ke Rangeeley and Alisha Singh was the first runner up from the team, Terence Ki Toli. the final episode of show was aired 30th may 2009.

Dance India Dance Season 2 Winner - Shakti Mohan

Shakti mohan was the winner of Dance India Dance season 2 in 2010, from the team of , Terence ki Toli. and Dharmesh Yalande was the first Runner up , and he was from the team, Geeta ki Gang. the final episode of DID's Season 2  was aired on 23rd April 2010

Dance India Dance Season 3 Winner - Rajasmita Kaur 

 Rajasmita kaur was the winner of Dance India Dance season 3 in 2011, from the team of ,Geeta ki Gang.  and  Pardeep Gurung was the first Runner up , and he was from the team, Terence ki Toli. the final episode of DID's Season 3 was aired on 24rd December 2011

Dance India Dance Season 4 Winner - Shyam Yadav

Dance India Dance season 4 was won by Shyam Yadav in 2014. the final episode was aired on 22 feb 2014 and the first runner up, was Manan Sachdeva from the Team of Shruti Ke Shandar.

Dance India Dance Season 5 Winner - Proneeta Swargiary 

Proneeta Swargiary was the winner of Dance India Dance Season 5. she was from the team of Punit Ke Panthers. The final episode of DID season 5 was aired on 11 October 2015.

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