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MasterChef Australia Winner Season 8 2016

MasterChef Australia is the most popular cookery show of Australian television channel. It is the best cookry game show, which aired on Network Ten and Produced by a company known as Shine Australia.
the first series was started in 2009. MasterChef Austrlia has successfully completed its 8 Series. and the series 8 has just finished in 2016. and today we are going to share, here on this page the last recently winner of MasterChef Australia 2016.

MasterChef Australia Series 8 Winner in 2016

The MasterChef Australia 2016 Season 8 was  aired on 1st May 2016 and the finale of the show was premiered on 26th July 2016. MasterChef Season 8 2016 Was won by the Elena Duggan. The First runner was Matt Sinclair. Elena Duggan Defeated Matt Sinclair and Became the Winner of MasterChef Australia 2016.

She won the grand prize as money prize is $250000 Dollars and awarded as The MasterChef Australia 2016.

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