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6 Way to Keep Your Skin Healthy And Naturally White

There are so many articles which gives you the information or some tips to whiten your skin.. but here we provide how to whiten your skin as well as to maintain it...

everyone wants to have fairer or clear skin, rather its boy or girl.. glowing and clear skin is the 1st impression to everyone.. you look great with clear skin and feel confident.. your healthy skin is the symbol of your healthy body... if your diet is balanced your skin automatically will glow or get fairer .

6 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy & Naturally White

 Here we provide some tips to get fairer skin and diet to maintain it...

1. Increase your Vitamin C intake

Vitamin c enhance skin color as well as suppleness.. this will help you to maintain your skin and keep it strong asd also help to the maintain the basic structure of collagen.. you can increase vitamin c in your body to intake by

Eating more foods that contain Vitamin C. This includes citrus like lemon,orange,gooseberry,etc.Fruits/juices, strawberries, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and green peas.
Taking Vitamin C pills. If you chose to do it this way, you should take 250 mg/day. Do not go beyond this amount.

2. Eat more Vitamin A

as we know that our skin is basically composed of Retinol, which is vitamin A.. Vitamin A keep your skin helathy and strong.. If you feel your skin is not tight and you feel some kind of looseness in your skin then doctors basically advice you to have vitamin A to strengthen your skin...

Foods that are high in Vitamin A include nonfat milk, oysters, and egg yolks. You can also get Vitamin A by eating foods that are high in beta carotene, which will help minimize the effects of sun damage to your skin. These include carrots, watermelon, papaya, tomatoes, or other dark colored produce.

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3. Minimize your exposure to sunlight and pollution 

Apply sunscreen when you go out with SPF 20 minimum.. UVA/UVB rays are known to be harmful to your skin. It causes the some brown spot on skin.. Pollution also damaged our skin.. Pollution mainly cause the acne and dull skin...

4. Use skin lightening products — with care.

Skin lightening products with hydroquinone or kojic acid reduce the amount of melanin in the skin when applied.These can be effective, but they come with certain risks..

5. Drink water to stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water a day to keep hydrated your skin.. Water keep our skin healthy and hydrated.. Prevent us from the dryness and so many acne problems and skin problems..  As we know that 70 percent of our body made up with water. So water is necessary to drink with good amount... Always keep your water bottle along with you...

6. Exercise daily for 30-60 minutes

30-60 minutes exercise will help you de-stress and let your body detoxify. Exercise is the one of the best way to keep your body and skin healthy.. it maintain your health and make you stress free.. 30-60 minutes exercise keep your body fit and make your skin glowing..  morning exercise is more beneficial rather then in evening time... more you sweat more your skin will glow or keep healthy.. and your metabolism also functioned well....

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