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8 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Every girl want to be look beautiful.. Sometime they don’t have enough time to care of their self and their clothes and accessory.. In this busy life there are actually shortage of time.. No one has time to maintain their things and their self regularly…
There are so many things that you think you don’t repair them, like stain on jackets, how to wax your shoes, deodorant stain so many time saving tips we given below..

8 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

8 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know

1. Waterproof your canvas

To make your canvas waterproof to save the colour of your shoes in the rainy season.. Here some simple trick to make them waterproof..

Ø Naturally waterproof your canvas shoes by rubbing them with beeswax and setting it with a blow-dryer.
Ø This simple trick make your shoes waterproof in the rainy season…

2. Deodorant stain 

Its very awkward moment when you found the deodorant stain on your dark colour t-shirt or top.. And you have to go urgently somewhere and you don’t have enough time to wash it.. So here simple trick to remove the stain of deodorant..

Ø Take a piece of jean and rubbing it on the stain of deodorant…
Ø You can also use the inside of same t-shirt to remove the stain of deodorant just by rubbing it…

3. Red wine stain

Red wine stain is very tough to remove.. After the dry its very hard to remove from the light colour clothes.. Here we provide a magical tips to remove the red wine stain instantly

Ø You can remove the red wine stain with the help of white wine….

 4. Sweat stain

Stain of sweat looks very dirty and gives the yellow patches appearance on the light colour shirt or top… Here are simple trick to remove the yellow patch from the light colour clothes..

Ø To remove yellow sweat stains from white shirts..
Ø Spray the affected areas with lemon juice before you put them in the wash.

5. Soften a t-shirt

Sometime you buy a shirt just because of its colour and pattern and the stuff is not that much soften.. So you can apply a trick to make a t-shirt soften…

Ø Take some water in the bucket.
Ø Add some salt in it.. And dip your t-shirt in the solution for three days…

6. Remove odours from clothe

Remove odour from the clothes is very simple and time saving trick.. You don’t have need to wash all the clothes.. Here we provide a simple trick..

Ø Take some vodka and water
Ø Mix them and spritzing on the clothes…

7. Keep jean from fading

Dark colour jeans always fade up with time.. And after the fade it looks so ugly and old.. Dark colour jeans always loose some colour with every wash.. Keep jeans from fading with a simple trick

Ø Use white vinegar to the wash..
Ø Helps to keep same your jean with the time

8. Remove scratching on leather

Scratch looks very ugly weather its on mirror or on clothes.. It always gives bad appearance.. Some time you find that you have some scratches on your jacket and you cant remove that.. And you just come to through your jacket.. But with the help of this simple trick you can fade up or hide the scratches from jacket..

Ø Use some moisturiser to hide the scratches from your jacket…
Ø Its very simple and easy trick and moreover time saving one..


All tricks are time saving and simple trick that every girl should know about it… And most important its very useful and affordable,. You don’t have to spend too much on it…

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