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Colors Tv 'Aunty Boli Lagao Boli With Archana' - How To Play Live Game Show Details

Colors Tv's Aunty Boli  Lagao  Boli - With Archana Puran Singh Live Game Show Details : Colors Tv Channel is back with a new unique  game show, Aunty Boli Lagao Boli , this is the first ever show of its kid game show on Colors Tv Channels History. Aunty Boli Lagao Boli a live auction game show where viewers have to bid and lowest unique bidder will win a car every week. Archana Puran Singh is the host of this live game show. in this game show , participants can play this game by sitting at their home.

The new game show of Colors TV is called Aunty Boli Lagao Boli. The theme of this new game show is very new and unique for the Indian audiences. As the game show ABLB is going to live and users can participate in the Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game Show from their houses. The prize of the show going to be one brand new car.

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli - Colors Tv Game Show 2017 Details

photo of each unique bidder will be shown live on tv. So here details to participate in the Aunty Boli Lagao Boli or how to play live auction game.If you don’t know how to play Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game on Colors TV via Chase Bid app or their website chasebid.com then here complete details of the show.

Aunty Boli Lagao Boli - How To Play Live Auction Game

if you want to Participate in Aunty Boli Lagao Boli live Auction game show, and want to play this live game show than you need to Download and install the Chase Bid App  from play store/App store or you can visit official website www.chasebid.com. The person who bid lowest and unique bid up to two decimal places will win the car as prize money.

Timing & Telecasting Details of Aunty Boli Lagao Boli 

Colors Tv Aunty Boli Lagao Boli show is airing from 24th September 2017 timing 12:00 PM Sunday. the anchor or host of this show is Archana Puran Singh. 

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